Conditions of Employment, Work Policies and OH&S Issues

Pridham Viticulture Pty Ltd is committed to providing a healthy safe working environment for all employees sub contractors and visitors. We have high standards and require those that are employed by us to achieve and maintain these standards in the work place.

We value honesty, competence, self-motivation and initiative. Our employees are expected to work to the best of their ability at all times within the following safety guidelines.

Please read this advice and acknowledge, by signing the“online employment submission”form, that you understand and accept the Work Policies and OH&S issues outlined in this statement and will carry them out as part of your Conditions of Employment.

There are a few requirements to make employment with us easier and more rewarding.
You will need to bring with you:

In addition to these please go to out Pridham Viticulture website and fill in our “online employment submission” form. We must have all your details before you get paid. Partly filled in forms will be rejected.

Pridham Viticulture will provide the following to make your working environment more comfortable:

To earn a good wage, it is often better to pair up with someone else and pace yourselves. Teams can be readily organised for new employees and in the long-term productivity is often higher when two people continue to work together. It is a requirement of this firm that you start and finish the workday at the same time as everybody else.

Our meeting place and time will be posted on Pridham Pickers Facebook page each evening or a google maps pin sent via text to your mobile.

Getting paid correctly

Five things that you must do!


Sensible clothing which will provide protection for the tasks undertaken is to be worn on each working day. Enclosed footwear (no thongs / sandals etc.) is required. Long sleeves, long trousers, a hat, safety/sunglasses should be worn and sunscreen regularly applied. Please note you will not be allowed on any site without wearing long trousers.

Machinery operation

Only those employees that have authority from Ben Pridham, Lachlan Pridham, Byron Pridham or Lachlan Hayward are to operate machinery and only after an induction process has taken place.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on any worksite. Additionally, no employee is to report to work if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No supervisor shall knowingly permit any employee affected by drugs or alcohol to start work. Anybody found in possession of illegal drugs on any work site of Pridham Viticulture will be instantly dismissed.


Please respect other people’s properties and take your rubbish (food scraps included) with you if no bins are provided.

Motor vehicles

Normal road rules apply at work sites.


All positions are casual and work may therefore cease at any time without notice.

Pay Rates

Hourly rate is casual (inclusive of casual loading rates as per Australian workplace law)
18 years old +Adult – $28.66

We hope that you have a successful season with us and welcome any constructive input you may have that may lead to improvements in conditions or increased productivity.

Pridham Viticulture

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