Wildhorn 32 Kit

$999.00 inc GST

Kit includes: Wildhorn 32 electric pruning shears, holster, belt, sharpener, lubricating pump, grease tube, allen key, 13mm wrench, phillips screwdriver and maintenance accessories storage pouch.


ALPEN + FELCO: a strategic partnership for a complete and innovative range.

The Wildhorn 32 electric pruner epitomizes Swiss artisanal excellence combined with the best global technological expertise. Designed for discerning professionals and meticulous homeowners alike, this pruner ensures an unparalleled pruning experience. Be amazed by the quality of its HSS blade, crafted by our partner Felco © ensuring efficiency and longevity.(12 hours of battery life)

The Wildhorn meets your needs perfectly. It comes with 3 batteries, simultaneously rechargeable with its 3-way charger.

Swiss Made

  • Cutting head manufactured by FELCO
  • HSS (High Speed Steel) blade: A promise of enduring performance.
  • Three batteries and a 3-way charger.
  • Suitable storage case with 10 handy accessories.


  • weight: 940g (including battery)
  • Semi or full opening mode
  • LCD screen for easy reading of tool and battery statistics
Cutting diameter (mm)


Weight of shears (g)


Battery type

LI-ION battery

BATTERY PACK - Rated voltage (V)


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