Vineyard Netting Services

Pridham Viticulture has for many years provided vineyard netting application and retrieval services in McLaren Vale, Adelaide hills and the Fleurieu region.

We also supply for sale High quality vineyard netting (that will last up to 18 years) at competitive prices. Our machine of choice is the Net-Master system which has superior net handling systems so nets can go on and come off quickly keeping costs to a minimum.

Vineyard Netting cost estimates for vineyard

Updated: November 2023

Based on an acre or hectare of vines using 18m x 300m rolls of diamond netting or 18m x 300m rolls of hexagonal netting and allowing 20% for drops and turns and canopy variation.

3m rows requires approximately 1000m per Ha or 400m per acre of 4 row netting.

New 4 row hex 3m rows
Cost per roll $1,850 + GST
Cost per Ha $6,015 + GST Based on 3.3 nets/Ha

Installation & retrieval costs per hour – Drape netting

Net Machine $49.00
Supervisor $48.00
Tractor Driver $48.00
Labourers x4 $180.00
Subtotal $325.00
Tractor $70.00
Total $395.00 + GST


Area covered per hour depends on row lengths, block shape, headlands, obstacles, canopy, row widths, topography, etc. Installation is more expensive than retrieval as more labourers are required.

All prices do not include 10% GST.

General rule of thumb

  • Cost to put on a roll of net (250 to 300 mtrs) – $380 – $420.
  • Cost to retrieve on a roll of net (250 to 300 mtrs) – $380 – $420.


  • Block terrain & configuration (slopes, staggered headlands, terraced & contour blocks).
  • Ground conditions (sticks, canes, trash).
  • Trellis condition (will the nets get caught up with posts or clips).
  • Net condition (does the net have holes that need repairing as nets go out or at retrieval point).
  • Are net rolls laid out in position in vineyard and will they be collected after retrieval.

Net care

  • If nets are looked after they will last at least 15 years.
  • To do this nets must be stored in relative darkness and bait the storage area for vermin.
  • When nets are retrieved from the field sticks need to be removed and any holes or tears repaired.

Tractor used for bird netting installation

Tractor in action for bird netting.

Bird netting in place

Stopping birds and certain other animals.

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