Bio Security

South Australia has some of the oldest wine-grape vines in the world. Your shoes and clothing can pick up and spread pests such as weed seeds and diseases, including phylloxera.

Please don’t walk amongst our vines unless you have been inducted by Pridham Viticulture.

The South Australian wine industry enjoys a very special advantage – the absence of a small but dangerous vine pest called Phylloxera. This means the region can still grow grape vines on their own roots, unlike most of the wine growing regions of the world. In McLaren Vale most of the vineyards, including our oldest vines, are grown this way.

You can read the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 for more information.

Our Biosecurity Policy Checklist

    1. Biosecurity training in all new staff induction programs.
    2. Actively manage the movement of employees onto vineyard property.
    3. We asses property bio-security signage and access and make suggestions to property owners to improve Bio-security.
    4. Ask visitors not to walk or drive into vineyards without permission.
    5. We park on gravel or sealed driveways, and hard pack carparks away from vineyards where possible & practical.
    6. Educate visitors about their role in keeping your vines healthy.
    7. Pridham Viticulture follow best practice biosecurity guidelines. E.g., We check our boots, clothing, tools & machinery for direct & weed seeds, provide rubber boots and washing facilities to remove foreign material.
    8. We ask new employees (especially travellers & backpackers) where they have been 3 weeks prior to starting work in our region.

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