Viticulture Sustainability

Our beliefs on sustainability in viticulture.

Sustainability and Responsibility – Our obligation as humans, community, ecology, economy – our 3 fold approach

The world is ever changing, and we must change the way we have lived in the past because our ecology, environment and resulting weather are increasingly forcing us to.

Observe what’s happening, what affect it’s having on you, our communities and our globe. It becomes obvious change needs to occur. The first step is mind set. Shifting mind set makes change easier to establish.

Small steps at a time on a continuous basis done by the masses creates the great tide of change that sweeps through communities.

There are many communities and crowd-based groups where we can get involved with and begin the huge task of regenerating and bringing back to life our remnant forests, soils and farming lands. Everyone benefits with the gift of healthier soils, water, plants, animals & humans.

Don’t wait for governments to fix problems it starts with individuals and organised communities.

What we are doing

Regenerative Farming – What it means to Pridham Viticulture and our people

We have discussed this extensively amongst ourselves and with our clients and continue to evolve our thoughts collectively.

It means different things to different people but most of us agree we can’t keep farming the way we do as it degrades the very landscape we live from and in.

There are many existing technologies and methods that can be used in different ways and with better timing as well as new techniques to regenerate our soils.

What it means to our global community

McLaren vale is part of a global farming community network. Many of us have travelled and conversed with farmers in many other countries. We have the WEB to remain in contact and further evolve our relationships globally. Good ecological ideas can spread fast if we want them to.

We are in the age of sharing ideas, knowledge and experience which has been for so long locked up in organisations at a considerable cost.

We now have the ability to mobilise change at a far greater pace than ever before, so let’s use it to repair and regenerate our soils for a resilient future.

Our first step -understanding what affect our farming activities have on the ecology of the soil.

Our next step – develop, evolve techniques and systems to grow our soils to a healthier state, improve the water cycle and increase soil carbon.

Read our latest insights to learn more.

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