Efficiency and Sustainability Through Fertigation

August 18th, 2023

Fertigation is the process of applying fertilisers through irrigation systems and it resonates well with modern sustainable viticultural practices, something that Pridham Viticulture values immensely.

Key advantages associated with the fertigation include: efficient nutrient distribution; cost and time effectiveness; environmentally responsible; flexible and customisable; and improvements in soil structure.

1. Efficient Nutrient Distribution: Fertigation ensures that fertilisers are evenly distributed across the soil and vine area that the irrigation system covers. Combining irrigation with fertilization, nutrients reach the root zone directly, optimizing their absorption and uptake by the vine. This promotes consistent growth and better yield.

2. Cost & Time Effective: Precise control over nutrient and water application means fertigation minimises waste. This reduces the overall usage of fertilisers and water resources, resulting in significant cost savings. Combining irrigation with fertilisation also saves labour and machinery time by automating processes that would require separate applications.

3. Environmental Responsibility: Traditional fertilising methods can lead to excessive nutrient overuse and runoff which can harm sensitive nearby areas such as waterways. On the other hand, fertigation reduces this risk by delivering nutrients directly to the vine roots zone.

4. Flexibility and Customisation: Fertigation allows for flexible adjustments and modifications to the fertiliser program during the growth cycle. Nutrient concentrations can be customised to meet the specific needs of different varieties or variables in growth stages.

5. Improved Soil Structure: By avoiding the overuse of traditional fertiliser applications, fertigation maintains soil health by preventing the build-up of harmful salts, reduces soil compaction, and helps maintain a healthy pH balance. The soils integrity is maintained which encourages long-term productivity and vineyard health.

Fertigation is a modern farming technique which encompasses efficiency, productivity, and environmental care. It aligns with the principles of sustainable agriculture that we highly values at Pridham Viticulture, providing our clients with innovative solutions for the wine, horticultural, and agricultural industries.

Embracing fertigation will contribute to a future of farming that is prosperous, sustainable, cost effective, flexible and environmentally responsible. It’s a worthy investment in the health and success of our vineyards and crops.

Contact our Irrigation Manager Byron at 0420 976 880 to book a time to explore your fertigation options and improve your irrigation systems and operations. We are here to help.

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