Enhancing Agriculture with Smart Irrigation

July 27th, 2023

Enhancing Agriculture with Smart Irrigation Solutions: Pridham Viticulture’s Perspective.

Pridham Viticulture recognizes the shift from wet La Nina conditions to the impending dry cycle of El Nino, leading to hotter and dryer weather conditions affecting the agriculture industry.

To tackle this challenge, we emphasize the importance of proactive planning and investing in robust and reliable irrigation infrastructure, systems, and strategies.

By maintaining irrigation infrastructure, Pridham Viticulture aims to reduce water loss due to system breakdowns and inefficiencies. This approach ensures a steady water supply to crops, even during challenging climatic conditions. Moreover, adopting smarter irrigation schedules will optimize crop water uptake while minimizing water evaporation, maximizing resource efficiency.

With water allocation limits expected to come under pressure, we recognize the need for forward planning and strategizing to make the most out of the limited water resources available. This can involve securing additional water allocations and leveraging weather forecasts to plan irrigation schedules intelligently.

By focusing on sustainable and efficient irrigation practices, Pridham Viticulture aims to mitigate the negative effects of the predicted hot and dry weather conditions, safeguarding their agricultural operations and ensuring a fruitful harvest despite the challenges posed by El Nino.

Contact our Irrigation Manager Byron at 0420 976 880 to book a time with us to explore options to improve your irrigation systems and operations. We are here to help.

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