Under vine pasture management

July 29th, 2022

Under vine strip management has undergone a total rethink from days past when herbicide use was the answer and bare earth was the desirable outcome.

Current under vine strip management methods now vary from site to site and with differing soil types. The aim is to treat the soil kindly which encourages microbe and fungi build up and allows plant roots to grow and optimise soil volume.

The timing and choice of equipment and/or livestock are critical elements when promoting soil health. Methods used by Pridham Viticulture include under vine slashing, Disc dodge plough, ID David cultivator, knife weeder, side throw disc, finger weeder, selective cover cropping and sheep agistment.

Watch our under vine weeder in action

Successful viticulturists need to constantly monitor vineyard pastures, be mindful of vine growth stages, and plan for desired crop outcomes.

Without a deliberate pasture management plan your efforts may be costly and yields disappointing.

Give us a call at Pridham Viticulture for advice or help with planning and ideas for your blocks.

We have a wealth of experience in soil and under vine strip management and our systems and ideas are always evolving. Work with us to create a solution for you.


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