Grape and Olive Harvesting

Pridham Viticulture Grape and Olive Harvesting is the culmination of years of hard work and where expectations start to rise.

Grapes and Olives are your valuable commodity hanging on vines or in trees and you want the very best when it comes to efficient and cost effective harvesting operations.

Offering both mechanical and hand-picking services, Pridham Viticulture can provide you with the very best when it comes to vintage and harvest.

Vineyard Harvesting

Our mechanical harvesting service utilises the trusty Gregiore G65 and the state of the art Pellenc 8090 Selectiv’ Process. The Selectiv’ Process results in the cleanest pick possible, even more so than traditional hand picking! Less MOG means a happy winemaker and a happy winemaker makes for a happy vintage. In addition to the picking itself, we can also handle full harvest logistics and winery liaison for our clients.

While becoming less prevalent, hand picking is still a requirement for 1st year cropping vines, bush vines, many old vines and for particularly valuable crops. Each year Pridham Viticulture organises teams of dedicated, hard-working folk who, despite the heat, flies and long days, perform tirelessly to get your crop to its destination on time and in-tact. We manage two hand picking crews for small and large jobs.

Olive Harvesting

While our focus might be all things viticultural, we also provide services to the thousands of olive trees of the region and the space is growing. If you are unable to machine harvest then our system is the next best method of olive harvest. Using the Pellenc Olivion range of olive rakes with olinet or floor mats we can manage olive harvesting efficiently and without fuss.

2024 Grape Harvesting Rates and Details

Vintage 2024 Pridham Viticulture is offering you both machine and hand grape harvesting services. Our harvesting operations are based upon considerable experience and knowledge gathered over more than 30 vintages in the McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu areas.

We are able supply to you well managed machine harvesters, modes of transport and large or small hand-picking crews.

Prior to harvest we collect detailed information about your crop and vineyard so that the harvest is efficient and cost effective. Liaison with winemakers and winery staff is maintained at all times so that your winery requirements are met.

In addition we can provide differential harvesting so that your grape quality and returns can be maximised. A current NDVI map is required for this operation.

Vintage Services

Pridham Viticulture is compliant with

For harvest orders call Ben Pridham 0414 600 342 or Lachie Pridham 0405 933 846

Vintage 2024 Hourly Machinery Rates

Pellenc 8090 Selectiv Harvester $495.00*/hr
Transport, setup, wash down (single cost per job) $370.00/per job
Bin Trailer pick up (only 1 required) $125.00/hr
Tractor driver only (Day rate) $50.00/hr
Forklift per work shift $460 (plus transport)
G65 Tow behind (includes operator and ground technician) $380.00/hr
Transport, setup, wash down (single cost per job) $370.00/per job
Gondola & Bin Trailer pick up (2 required) $125.00/hr
Tractor driver only (Day rate) $50.00/hr
Forklift per work shift $460.00 (plus transport)

Any vineyard blocks under 2Ha will attract slightly higher fees due to higher overheads. Price to be negotiated.

*If fuel prices are raised above $1.70/L an additional 2% fuel levy will be applied.

Freighting of harvester, allied equipment & support vehicle
To recoup costs freight will be charged @ $160/hr for travel time outside the McLaren Vale region.

Hand grape harvesting

Supervisors and experienced bucket crew $45-$46.00/hr
Hand pickers (compulsory minimum federal based wage) $41.00/hr
Tractor & Trailer hire per day (operator extra $48.00/hr) $380.00/day

For hand harvesting we supply buckets, snips, toilet, water, first-aid, and all associated equipment.

Transport to winery and/or forklift quotes will be provided on a per job basis as required. (All the above rates are subject to 10% GST.)

Please note weekend & public holidays over time rates as per industry awards will apply for any weekend work done. Enquire about cost at time of order.

Next Steps

To discuss your harvesting needs and to arrange a site survey please contact us as soon as practical.

Carefully selected Hand Pickers for vintage

Handpicking vines

Machine picked Olive Harvesting

Machine harvest of olives
(image credit: Pellenc)

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