Olive Groves

While our focus might be all things viticultural, we also provide services to the thousands of olive trees of the region and the space is growing. If you are unable to machine harvest then our system is the next best method of olive harvest.

Using the Pellenc Olivion range of olive rakes with olinet or floor mats we can manage olive harvesting efficiently and without fuss.

In addition, we also offer sales, servicing and repairs of the Pellenc Olivion & Prunion range of battery equipment.

Pridham Viticulture can also prune and shape your trees to improve productivity and harvesting efficiency.

We are currently researching high density olive orchard systems in order to increase productivity per hectare and to reduce the affect of bi-annual cropping. The time is right for redeveloping old orchards to a modern and far more efficient system. The cost of running older orchard systems is becoming far too costly and returns too low.

Talk to us for some ideas and options.

Olive grove management

Olive Grove management

Machine picked Olive Harvesting

Electric olive harvesting

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