Re-development of vineyards and olive groves

Whether you need new vineyard or olive grove development, re-construction, retrofitting or land rehabilitation Pridham Viticulture has extensive experience in all of these disciplines.

For reconstruction we use various methods developed over years that enable cropping to continue while the reconstruction process proceeds. Alternatively if you require a tougher approach with immediate results restoration can be achieved in one pruning season.

We use the latest innovations in low carbon emission electric tool technology that are safe to operate, have low noise output and hasten the job. We also purchase new tractors that have the most current emission reduction standards.

In addition to vine reconstruction Pridham Viticulture have become local pioneers in complete vineyard development and redevelopment utilising the state of the art eco-trellis system.

With the use of CCA and creosote treated timber posts becoming an ever increasing worldwide environmental problem, Pridham Viticulture has adopted the eco-trellis system to play our part in the sustainable management of the wine industry.

Follow our posts on this revolutionary system to keep up with the latest information.

Planting new vines as part of vineyard redevelopment

Planting of new vines

Preparation of soil before planting

Preparation of soil

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