Pellenc C35 Pruning Shears ULIB 150 Kit

$2,399.00 inc GST

Complete kit includes pruner, ULiB 150 battery, charger, cords, carry case, blade grease and sharpening stone. Activ’ Security “Prunning Glove” and “Vegetation” Glove sold separately.

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The fastest, most powerful, and safest electric pruning shears for vineyard work.

This latest generation of pruning shears is a convergence of cutting-edge technologies, making vineyard pruning faster and more efficient than ever before.

Powerful and light, they can easily be adapted to the diameter and hardness of the wood thanks to the options of a 35 mm (model C35) or 45 mm (model C45) diameter cutting head. Safety as a priority: the new PELLENC-patented Activ’Security safety feature stops the blade instantly if it comes into contact with the user’s hand, whether they are wearing a PELLENC glove or not.

Connected to the ULiB 150 or 250 battery, these pruning shears will keep going for at least one full day of work in the vineyard.

Maximum Productivity

  • The cutting head slices through branches effortlessly.
  •  Cutting diameter: 35 mm.
  • The latest-generation brushless geared motor.
  • Four user operating modes.

Safety at the highest level

  • The user is protected by the patented Activ’Security safety feature, with or without PELLENC gloves.
  • The ULiB 150, 150 P, and 250 batteries are waterproof (IP54 protection rating), so they can be used rain or shine.

Built to last

  • The body, ball screws, and nuts are all made from high-strength materials.
  • The frequency of routine maintenance servicing has been stretched out to once every 400 hours of use.
  • Guaranteed battery life of more than 1 day.

Comfort at your fingertips

  • Perfectly balanced.
  • The tool weighs just 720 g.
Blade opening (mm)


Cutting diameter (mm)


Weight of the shears (g)


Motor speed (rpm)


Length (mm)


Ovalised handle diameter (h x l) (mm)


Compatibles batteries

150 / 250

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A Demanding and Sustained Environmental Policy

Pellenc is undertaking a sustainable-development process, aimed at limiting the environmental impact of its activities. The group is incorporating this idea across the board, from product design onwards.

Sustain And Repairable Products
PELLENC designs and manufactures durable, robust, and repairable tools, motors, and batteries for professional use. In this way, we are fighting against planned obsolescence.

For over 10 years, many towns concerned about the environment have placed their trust in Pellenc.

PELLENC guarantees its ULiB 750, 1200, 1500, and Alpha 260 and 520 batteries for 3 years, and guarantess all its professional tools for 2 years.

As a pioneer in the manufacture of battery power tools, their experience has enabled them to ensure a long service life.

At Pellenc they provide information about the number of charging cycles from which the capacity falls to 80% of its initial value so that the batteries can still be used.

Remember to Bring Back your Tools and Batteries and Limit Their End-of-Life Impact

The first objective in the design of PELLENC products is to ensure a long service life and easy repairability under professional operating conditions. This delayed end of life significantly reduces the environment impact.

PELLENC also give preference to recyclable materials, and they make sure their products’ constituent parts are marked with material codes to facilitate recycling.

Finally, PELLENC provides end of life data sheets to guide recycling workers in dismantling the products.

As for the batteries, 98% of the lithium-ion cell components can be recovered using a hydrometallurgical recycling process.

In their concern for the innovative design of their range of portable power tools, up to their end of life, they made the decision to join numerous eco-organisations.

You can learn more about PELLENC’s sustainability credentials on their website.